Salt Lake Community Action Program: Who We Are, What We Do

The Salt Lake Community Action Program or Salt Lake CAP was founded in 1965 along with CAP programs across the United States under the War on Poverty Program. Today many CAP agencies work independently but coordinate with each other through the  National Community Action Foundation (NCAF). Salt Lake CAP is an independent Community Action Program. NCAF works closely with Members of Congress, federal and state agencies to maintain adequate funding for anti-poverty programs. Salt Lake CAP serves Salt Lake and Tooele counties.  We are funded under the CSBG program and by various private grants.

 Our purpose is to create programs that empower low-income people to enhance the quality of their lives. We help clients in designing and implementing strategies that will create solutions to their problems. We provide employment assistance, weatherization, food assistance, housing assistance, head start programs, and utility assistance. We also act as public policy advocates. Our goal is to promptly stabilize a family in crisis and avoid the long-term consequences of costly dependency. We support a family’s progress to self-sufficiency.

 Salt Lake CAP’s programs are sometimes limited by funding but new programs often become available. Our weatherization program assists individuals in conjunction with local utilities to increase the efficiency of their homes. They are helped when their energy bills are lowered.

 In addition to weatherization our HEAT program helps meet the needs of many Utahns who struggle to pay winter utility bills.

Employment must be obtained in order to secure housing. The CAP Employment Program helps to fill that requirement. It is a federally funded program that was created to help low-income and homeless people find jobs. The goal is for all participants to find adequate employment to meet their financial obligations.

 Salt Lake CAP Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood development program serving low-income children from age three to five and their families. Head Start is a Federal program that is operated by local non-profit organizations such as Salt Lake Community Action Program (CAP). Children who attend Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities including literacy, language, science, social-emotional, and much more. They also receive medical and dental services, have healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy playing safely indoors and outdoors. Salt Lake CAP is actively making a difference in the lives of many Utah kids every day.

 Our FACES program was founded to assist at risk kids ages 11-18. FACES stands for Furthering Education, Advocating Cultural Awareness, Cultivating Leadership, Empowering Youth, And Serving the Community. FACES runs summer camps, arts programs and coordinates with other public and private agencies to make a difference in the community. Kids learn vital life skills that will help them better function in their communities, and pursue education. Salt Lake CAP assists people in need to find affordable housing that meets their income.

We also run 5 emergency food pantries. Community members can pick up a box with a three day supply of food. Resource Specialists are located in each food pantry to evaluate the needs and income of clients and link them with other community resources and programs for which they may be eligible. Resource Specialists can even assist with filling out paperwork.

The Salt Lake Community Action Programs are making a difference in Utah communities and putting low income individuals in need on paths to self sufficiency. 

If you are not in Salt Lake or Tooele Counties please visit the Ogden CAP or Provo CAP.

 Please visit our website at for more information


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