5,614 Jobs Could Come to Utah; Jobs Bill Introduced in Congress

A new jobs bill was introduced in Congress May 27.  HR4812 or  The Local Jobs for America Act will save approximately 1 million private and public sector jobs and will create 5,614  jobs in the state of Utah alone.

Nearly 10% of all Americans are unemployed right now and around 7% of Utahns are unemployed. That is about 98,000 Utah citizens who are out of work. This bill will go a long way to not only assist individuals by providing them a job but to help communities hit hard by the loss of funding and public service jobs.

The emphasis on preserving and rehiring public service and infrastructure jobs such as utilities, healthcare, firefighters and teachers will be provided through $75 billion in grants over two years to communities to hire vital staff.

A few numbers:

  • $23 billion this year to help states support 300,000 education jobs
  • $1.18 billion Nationally to put 5,500 law enforcement officers on the beat
  • $500 million to retain, rehire, and hire firefighters
  • Total Funds for State of Utah: $305,002,818
  • Total Jobs for State of Utah: 5614
  • Education Jobs Fund of Utah to receive $232,028,000

Breakdown and MAP of Utah statistics

The bill will not be voted on in its current form. It will take time and negotiation to change the bill in order to get it passed but you can click here to get active and support the bill by signing up for alerts from the Campaign for Community Change and by contacting your member of Congress.

The legislation already has 160 co-sponsors.

For more information

Link to bill

One Response to “5,614 Jobs Could Come to Utah; Jobs Bill Introduced in Congress”
  1. Steven Seril says:

    I am very much praying and hoping on this bill. I went through very tough and down times years ago and somehow made something of myself out of it. Still, I am deeply saddened that such good, hard-working, caring, and respectable people are without a means to support their families. It’s not right that educated people are now stuck with flimsy degrees, student-loans, and jobs not worth the effort and sacrifices they’ve put in to gaining their degrees. I want to do something about it–to fight this. It’s not right that so many have to suffer.

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