The Board of Salt Lake CAP

The Salt Lake Community Action Program is directed by a twenty-four member tripartite Board of Directors. This unique and dynamic Board is structured to provide the Program with the broadest and most effective community representation possible. Eight members of the board are elected by low-income residents, eight are appointed by public officials, and eight represent the private sector, such as employers, service providers, and community advocacy groups. The Board provides a diverse yet essential combination of resources, perspectives, and backgrounds for finding and implementing solutions to a wide range of important problems in the community. 

The Board of Directors has been providing strong support for low-income residents of Salt Lake and Tooele Counties since 1965. CAP is a broad-based group that assesses the needs of its low-income constituency, mobilizes substantial resources, and develops service delivery systems that most effectively address selected problems of the low-income population. The Board also serves as an advocate for low-income populations statewide, continually striving to foster better laws, regulations, attitudes, and social policies in the community.

Board of Directors

James R. Russell 

Cal Noyce
First Vice President 

Shauna Walton Zwahlen
Second Vice President

Michael Gallegos

Donna Olsen

Robert Philbrick
President Emeritus 


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