Rental and Deposit Assistance

Due to limited funding SLCAP will be conduction client assessments for all those looking for rent or deposit assistance.  The housing committee meets, reviews the applications and evaluates the assessments on a case by case basis. Not all applicants that qualify can be accepted due to limited funding. The applicants will be notified after the housing committee meeting.

We accept phone calls for this program only.

You can call the Rental Assessment Hotline at 801-359-4029

2 Responses to “Rental and Deposit Assistance”
  1. sylvia salazar silva says:

    i am in need of rental assistance, i have lost my job back in November and i have been looking for work everyday. My husband is on SSI and receives $400.00 a month and we are raising our grandson and Workforce sends us $288.00 for his care. that is only $688.00 a month. I have been looking for work and very worried, i cannot come up with all my rent of $650.00. any assitance would be great.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I’m not sure that we can help but give us a call at 801-359-2444. Set up an appointment to come and speak to someone. Also you should go to our homepage and click contact. You can then send us an email about housing assistance. If someone can’t answer the phone that can be a faster way to get a response. I hope this helps!

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